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Tuition and Affordability


for the 2024-2024 school year is $19,300 plus a registration fee of $400 for a total of $19,700. The tuition for each academic year is established by the Mullen Board of Trustees in early February.

Mullen does not charge a prospective student application fee. There are no athletic scholarships.


List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • 选择# 1

    Pay the full tuition directly to the Mullen Business Office by June 1st or immediately after enrolling, if enrolled after June 1st.
  • 选择# 2

    Pay tuition and fees in two-, three-, or ten-month installments. The Mullen Business Office will send you an email with instructions on setting up your payment plan by May 15th or immediately after enrolling if enrolled after May 15th. 


The founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, St. John Baptist de La Salle, emphasized the value of quality education to all. The Brothers Rule states that the Mission of the Institute is “to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, according to the ministry entrusted to them by the church.”

Obviously, society has changed since the founder declared The Brothers Rule. Even as times change the commitment to the mission has never faltered. Lasallian schools in the 21st century are as committed as ever to accessibility. Through the tuition assistance process, the 大发彩票平台登录 community is doing all we can to honor the mission of the Christian Brothers.
    • 31% Students Receiving 学费援助

Applying for 学费援助


  • Apply for 学费援助

    大发彩票平台登录 uses FACTS as our third party tuition assistance program.  Current families will sign in using their current FACTS 用户名 和密码.  New families will need to set up an account.  FACTS instructions and a checklist are included on the sign-in page. There is a $35 fee paid directly to FACTS to process the application. Copies of 2023 W-2s and a 2022 Federal tax return (use 2023 Federal tax return if it is completed) are required for a complete tuition assistance application. 
  • 学费援助 Application Deadline

    The 学费援助 deadline is 2024年2月1日. Notifications are sent on Friday, February 16, 2024.
  • 学费援助 Process

    Tuition assistance is based solely on the family’s financial need and circumstances. No tuition assistance will be given without a family applying for aid. Families do not receive full aid; every family is expected to pay something. Any family receiving tuition assistance agrees to abide by the following:
    • Families must keep current on their tuition payments.
    • Students must remain in good standing.
    • 父母 must be involved in the school, donating time and talent.
    • Students need to maintain a 2.0的绩点.
  • 学费援助 Review

    The application for tuition assistance is due on 2024年2月1日. All tuition assistance applications must be submitted by this date.

    Notifications will be sent on Friday, February 16, 2024. Late applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Awards are contingent on financial resources available after the deadline.


Saint Amelia Education Guild (Saint Amelia) is a nonprofit group that helps families raise money toward their Catholic Education.  父母, 学生, and volunteers have the opportunity to work concessions at sporting venues throughout the 丹佛 Metro area as well as Colorado Springs to help with tuition expenses at 大发彩票平台登录.  For additional information, please visit http://saintamelia.org 或联系 洛雷塔哈特 with any questions.

Grocery Certificates

王Sooper公司 Community Rewards Program
Mullen is excited to announce the 王Sooper公司s Community Reward Program (which is replacing the 王Sooper公司s grocery card program). Enroll你  sooper公司 loyalty card using this link.  The reloadable gift card program is no longer active.